Business and Corporate Law

Law LibraryThe firm offers complete services in the area of business and corporate law, including: analyzing a business to make the initial decision on whether or not to incorporate; drafting documents in preparation for partnership or corporate operation; preparing employment and stock purchase agreements; buying or selling businesses, mergers, terminating or dissolving the business; and preparing general business agreements and contracts. Ms. Ables has provided legal advice in transactional matters including mergers and acquisitions for more than thirty five years. Ms. Ables and Mr. Blassingame both advise entities on the appropriate types of entities would best suit their clients businesses. Ms. Ables and Mr. Blassingame negotiate and draft business agreements, from small locally owned businesses to national companies with international reputations. They have expertise in all forms of businesses, including limited liability companies, joint ventures, corporations, as well as general and limited partnerships. Mr. Blassingame has also done extensive work in trademarks and filings with the federal government to protect businesses and their proprietary assets.